Wednesday, June 17

13 rue de l’Université, 75007

08:45-09:15 / Main Hall

Registration & Breakfast

09:15-11:30 / Amphithéâtre Jean Moulin

Welcome Note

Delphine Dogot, PhD Candidate, Sciences Po


Keynote addresses  

Alvaro Santos, Professor of Law, Georgetown University

“The War on Drugs and the Challenges to Liberal Legality”

Heidi Matthews, Newton International Fellow, SOAS, University of London

“Resistance, Crime, and the Law of War”

Moderator: Tomaso Ferrando, PhD Candidate, Sciences Po


11:30-13:00 / Main Hall

 Lunch break


13:00-15:00 / Room J208

Session 1A

The King is Dead, Long Live the King:
The Stakes of Managerialism

Moderator: Delphine Dogot (Sciences Po)

Dimitri Van den Meerssche (EUI)
The Constitutionalization of Managerial Governance in the World Bank

Giovanni Esposito (University of Liège)
The Giant Sleeping at the Boundaries of Management: a Panoptical Perspective to the Governance of the TEN-T Program

Rafael Sakr (LSE)
A Critical Theory of Legal Frameworks

Karolina Podstawa (European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratization (EIUC), Venice)
International Rule of (Managerial) Law in Pursuit of Global Human Rights – the case study of the European Union

13:00-15:00 Room J211

Session 1B

Receive or Reject:
Transplanting “Legal Organs”

Moderator: Ming-Zhe Zhu (Sciences Po)

Baptiste Sellier (EHESS)
Implementing Planning Rights for Palestinians: The Ambivalent Uses of Law and Urban Planning in Israel-Palestine

Alice Martina Panepinto (Warwick U)
Transplanting Transitional Justice from PIL to Local Legal Systems

Fabiana Bettini (University of Macerata)
Transforming the Law: Restoring the Role of Jurists. Collective Property and the Idea of Social Law in France and Germany

Lorenzo Cavalaglio (University of Udine)
The -Practical- Reception of Trusts in Italian Law: in a Legal Transplant, -il ne faut pas être plus royaliste que le roi-


















15:00-15:15 / Main Hall

Coffee break

15:15-17:15 / Room J208

Session 2A

Adjudication Reloaded

Moderator: A. Zeynep Yıldırım (Sciences Po)

 Gretchen Jolene Allen-Mestrallet (Sciences Po)
“If All Else Fails, Reboot”: Structural and Normative Remedies for International Adjudication Problems

Amalie Frese (University of Copenhagen, Sorbonne Paris 1)
The Development of International Jurisprudence by International Courts

Stef Feyen (NYU)
Can We Go beyond Dogmatics?

Sivan Shlomo-Agon (NYU, Tel-Aviv U)
Noncompliance, Renegotiation and Justice in International Adjudication: A WTO Perspective

15:15-17:15 / Room J211

Session 2B

“Oh boy, it’s a girl!”: Gendering, Sexuality and Bodies in the Family, the Market and the State

Moderator: Joanna Noronha (Harvard)

Grietje Baars (City University London)
Towards a Post Gender World? Calling Time on Sex Differentiation and Compulsory Gender Performance in Law

Stefano Osella (EUI)
Intersex Treatments: a Tale of Discrimination?

Valentina Montoya-Robledo (Harvard)
Gray Zones in Sex Trafficking and Sex Work: Beyond the Individualist v. Structuralist debate through a Subjectivity Approach

Biye Gao (SOAS, University of London)
Sites of Governmentality and Transgression – Chinese women’s Reproductive Bodies under Contemporary Reproductive Politics


















17:15-17:45 / Main Hall

Coffee break

17:45-19:45 / Room J208

Session 3A

“Hey, teacher! Leave them kids alone!”: Education and the State

Moderator: Roman Zinigrad (Yale)

Johan Lievens (KULeuven)
All Education is Free, but some Education is freer than others. The End of Jewish Education in Flanders?

Marcus Carlsen Häggrot (Oxford)
Accommodating Nomads in Education: A Liberal-Egalitarian Perspective

Jacob Edward Lipton (Harvard)
Legal Education Beyond Law’s Doctrinal Silos

Lisa Kelly (Columbia)
Reasoning about Race: School Segregation and the Rise of Classical Legal Thought

17:45-19:45 / Room J211

Session 3B

Bargaining in the Shadow of the Private/Public Distinction: Globalisation and the State

 Moderator: Nicolas Perrone (Universidad Externado de Colombia, Bogotá)

Mika Viljanen (University of Turku)
Meta-Regulation: Regulatory Agencement – Transgressing One Final Boundary of Law

Roberto Mancilla
The Inadequacy of the Public/Private Distinction as a Challenge for Constitutionalism in the XXI Century

Junqing Chao (University of Hong Kong)
Rethinking the Investor-State Arbitration: For What Was It Designed?

Pietro Ortolani (Max Planck Institute, Luxembourg)
Intra-EU Arbitral Awards vs. State Aid Law: EU Member States Between Conflicting Obligations



















20:30 / 213 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75007

Dinner,Aux Vieux Garçons


Thursday, June 18

13 rue de l’Université, 75007

09:15-09:30 / Main Hall

Breakfast (Coffee & Croissants)


9:30-11:30 / Amphithéâtre Jean Moulin

Keynote addresses 

Pierre Schlag, Byron White Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Colorado

“The Politics of Knowledge”

Maria Drakopoulou, Reader in Law, Kent Law School

Of Critique, Biopolitics and Sexual Difference”

Moderator: Delphine Dogot, PhD Candidate, Sciences Po


11:30-13:00 / Amphithéâtre Jean Moulin

 Lunch break
Lunch Roundtable Discussion: 

“Centre and Periphery in Legal Education”


Nimer Sultany (SOAS), Dina Waked (Sciences Po),

Roman Zinigrad (Yale)


13:00-15:00 / Amphithéâtre Jean Moulin

Conversation with:

Etienne Balibar, Professor of French & Italian and Comparative Literature, University of California Irvine

Duncan Kennedy, Carter Professor of General Jurisprudence, Harvard Law School

Moderator: Mikhail Xifaras, Professor of Law, Sciences Po


15:00-15:15 / Main Hall

Coffee break

15:15-17:15 / Room J208

Session 4A

Of (also) Access and Distribution:
Reexamining Copyright and Property

Moderator: Ishupal Singh Kang (Sciences Po)

Argyri Panezi (EUI)
Digital Libraries as Access Facilitators within the Current Copyright Regime

Kris Erickson (University of Glasgow, UK),
Bartolomeo Meletti (Bournemouth U, UK)
Copyright Education at the Boundaries of Everyday and Professional Knowledge: the Case of

Agnieszka Patrycja Doczekalska (Kozminski University, Poland)
Who and What Needs to be Protected by Copyright Law? Rethinking the Legal Framework of the Relation between Creators and Users of Culture

15:15-17:15 / Room J211

Session 4B

“Back to the Future”: Alternatives to State Law and Institutions from Historical and Social Perspectives

Moderator: Mikaël Schinazi (Sciences Po)

Matthias Packeiser (University of Hamburg)
William Ladd’s Influence on the Development of International Adjudication

Roseline Njogu (Riara University Law School)
The (In)justice of God: Religious Courts in a Secular State

Zeina Jallad (Columbia U, USA)
Negotiating Space: Lessons Learned from the Good Samaritans in Palestine

















17:15-17:30 / Main Hall

Coffee break

17:30-19:30 / Room J208

Session 5A

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Boundaries, Contradiction and Transgression

Moderator: Emily Jones (SOAS)

Nicolas Klotz (VU Amsterdam)
In Need of Protection? Civilian Agency and States’ (Re-)Construction of Sovereignty

Jeremy Phillip Weisman (Tel-Aviv U)
Quasi-Privacy for the Meta-Person

Parvathi Menon (Max Planck Institute, Luxembourg)
Recalibrating The Spatiality of the State: The Normality of Abnormal Transgressions in the Third World

Sheri Ann Labenski (SOAS)
Female Perpetrators in Armed Conflict: Dispelling Common Narratives

Emma Nyhan (EUI)
Conundrums in the Construction of the International Definition of Indigenous Peoples in a Local Context: The Example of the Bedouin in Israel

17:30-19:30 / Room J211

Session 5B

The Dark Sides of Value: Occupation and the Global Circulation of Value

Moderator: Tomaso Ferrando (Sciences Po)

Konstantina Tsouvala (Durham)
Iraq, Global Value Chains the Role of International Law

Philip Liste (University of Hamburg)
Transnational Hyper-Territoriality: Private Authority and Human Rights Litigation

Marina Lourenço-Yılmaz (University of Coimbra)
A Critical Overview of the Notion of Human Rights Defender: Considerations on Violence and a Right to Resistance

Jaakko Henrin Salminen (University of Turku)
Old Dog, New Tricks? Teaching Values to Contract Law by Conceptualizing Value Chain Governance in a Way it Cannot Ignore

German Sandoval (Autonomous National Univesity of Mexico)
Ayotzinapa, Mexico: The South of the Global Capitalism




















19:30-19:45 / Main Hall

Closing note

20:15 / 34 rue Grenelle, 75007

L&B 2015 Closing Cocktail, Café le Basile

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